Admission Policy


The George Benson Christian University was established to provide to all persons, irrespective of their race, political opinion, color, creed or sex, the opportunity of acquiring higher education. For the purpose of discharging this novel responsibility it is the duty of the University, so far as its resources permit, to make its educational facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are to benefit from the use of these modern facilities. The admission procedures of George Benson Christian University are guided by this policy.

A Person wishing to be admitted to George Benson Christian University for an undergraduate degree or for a diploma program should apply in the first instance to the Registrar, George Benson Christian University, 700 Namwianga way, KALOMO, and P.O. Box 620022 KALOMO, ZAMBIA

Applications should be made on the proper forms which can be obtained from the office of the appropriate Registrar or can be downloaded from .

Advertisements will be placed in electronic and print media, radio and television inviting applications from interested persons.

The application forms needed when applying for admission to undergraduate programs are the same for full-time and distance students. While the forms for postgraduate programs are different.

The Academic Committee chaired by Academic Registrar shall review the admissions policy from time to time so as to ensure that it remains relevant and answer to the changes in the educational sector.


To qualify for admission to a program of study leading to a first degree of the University, a candidate must:

  • Satisfy the General Entrance Requirements of the University (unless granted exemption in accordance with Regulations);
  • Satisfy the Particular Entrance Requirements prescribed by the relevant School as being necessary for such a program of study (unless granted exemption in accordance with Regulations); and
  • Be selected for such a program of study
  1. Standard Qualifications The applicant must hold:
    • Passes at credit level in at least five subjects in the Zambian School Certificate (or Cambridge Over-seas School Certificate);
  • Passes in at least five subjects in the General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level.The subjects must be chosen from approved lists and there are restrictions that forbid the inclusion of overlapping subjects. The subjects at present approved, and the restrictions governing their combination, are contained in the student hand book in schedules A, B, C and D.

2.Alternative Qualifications (a) Qualifications other than those of the Zambian School Certificate, (or Cambridge Overseas School Certificate) or the General Certificate of Education may be accepted, provided they are approved as equivalent by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ).

(b) Passes in the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level Examinations (a total of five subjects should be passed and this may include credits obtained at ‘O” level).

(c) A person holding a two-year diploma of George Benson Christian University or of an institution awarding the diploma in associate relationship with other Universities is regarded as having satisfied the General Entrance Requirements.

3.Exceptions from Standard or Alternative Qualifications Mature Age Entry The George Benson Christian University accepts specified exceptions from the standard or alternative qualifications. The Mature Age Scheme is one of the accepted alternative qualifications for admission to some of the study programs offered at George Benson Christian University In order to be considered under the Mature Age Scheme, an applicant must write a special examination. To qualify for the examination, an applicant must satisfy the following conditions:

(i) Must be a Zambian citizen resident in Zambia.

(ii) Must be twenty-five years or above by 1 January, of the academic year he/she proposes to commence studies.

(iii) Must show proof that he/she has studied to improve his/her education since leaving school.

All qualified applicants for the Mature Age Examination are to pay an examination fee, the amount of which they will be notified of in writing at the time of being offered candidature for the examination. The venue and timetable will also be communicated to the applicant.

4.English Language Requirement Because the Language of instruction at the University is English, all candidates for admission are expected to show evidence of proficiency in the English Language. A School Certificate credit, or ‘O’ level pass, in English Language is accepted as satisfying this requirement and is normally demanded.


5.1 Before commencing studies at George Benson Christian University, a student shall enroll at George Benson Christian University in person in a course of study or part of a course of study leading to a degree or diploma at the beginning of the first term in accordance with the enrolment timetable, published for that year, and shall thereafter re-enroll at the prescribed time while pursuing his/her studies provided that where a student is by reason of illness or of exceptional circumstances beyond his/her control, unable to enroll in due time, he/she may enroll late if he/she produces a medical certificate or reasonable evidence of the exceptional circumstances relied upon.

5.2 Distance Education students shall enroll in accordance with the studies regulation and in accordance with the enrolment timetable. Prospective students may also fill in their application electronically via the university email Face book account: gbcuuniversityzambia

5.3 (a) A student who enrolls for three-quarters or more of appropriate regulation or if a regulation does not so prescribe by a resolution of the appropriate Board of Studies pertaining to a course of study for a degree or diploma shall be enrolled as a full-time student.

(b)A student who enrolls for less than three-quarters of the normal load of work of the year prescribed by the appropriate regulation, or if a regulation does not so prescribe by a resolution of the appropriate Board of Studies pertaining to a course of study for a degree or diploma shall be enrolled as a ‘part-time’ student.

5.4 The course of study for every student shall require the approval of the Senate, provided


(a) The Senate may delegate to the Dean of the School within which the student is enrolled, the power to give such approval;

(b) The Dean of the School may, on behalf of the Board of Studies, in exceptional circumstances approve a course of study for a student which does not in every particular, satisfy the regulations for the degree or diploma for which the student is enrolled:

(c) Where options are prescribed for a course of study, the Senate, on the advice of the Board of Studies of the appropriate School, may determine which of them shall be available in any term.

Late Enrolment

5.4 students shall enroll on the appropriate day in the morning or afternoon as set out in the enrolment timetable provided that enrolments may be accepted after the days prescribed but in no case shall:

(a) a student be accepted later than the end of the third week following the first day of registration;

(b) A student shall be accepted within three weeks following the first day of registration except upon payment of a penalty of K 150 or such other penalty as the Senate in its discretion may impose upon him/her.

Alterations to Course of Study

5.5 a student who, having completed enrolment, wishes to alter his/her course of study, may apply to the Board of Studies through the Dean of the School upon the conditions in clause (a) or (b) (as the case may require) of this regulation for leave to add, substitute or withdraw from any course or subject.

(a)All applicants to add, substitute or delete a course or subject shall require the permission of the Board of Studies of the relevant School and shall be lodged with the Dean of the School in which the student is enrolled not later than the third week after the commencement of lectures in that course.

(b) A student pursuing studies for a degree or diploma who wishes to terminate his/her studies shall first inform the Dean of Students and then give notice in writing to the Dean of the School of his/her intention to discontinue his/her studies. If the Dean of the School after investigating the circumstances in satisfied that the reasons for the withdrawal of the student are genuine, he shall inform the student in writing that he/she has been granted permission to withdraw from the studies.

5.6 Any student who has withdrawn from studies under the clause 5.5(b) above and who has been granted permission by the Dean of the School to withdraw, may apply for readmission to such studies and the Senate, if it thinks fit, and subject to any such conditions as it thinks fit, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, a condition that he/she repeats and passes in such course as he/she has already taken as the Senate may specify.

5.7 Where a student withdraws from his/her first year in the University within two weeks of the commencement of lectures in the first term, he/she shall be regarded as a new entrant should he/she wish to apply for admission in some future session?

5.8 A student who wishes to interrupt his/her course of study shall seek and obtain leave of absence from the appropriate School or Board of Studies. A student interrupting a course of study without leave of absence may be excluded by the Senate on the recommendation of the appropriate Board of Studies and the procedure prescribed by Section 4.3 – 4.4 of regulation 4 shall apply as far as is applicable.


Unsatisfactory Progress during the Year

6.1 (a) The Board of Studies may, on the recommendation of the Head of Department on the grounds of unsatisfactory progress in such course or subject and such a student, if he/she so wishes, shall have the right to appeal to the Senate. All students recommended for exclusion under this clause shall be informed individually by the Dean of the appropriate School. Such students may lodge an appeal against their exclusion within one week of their exclusion.

(b) Any student who has twice attempted any course or subject but has failed to obtain a pass in that course shall not be entitled to re-enroll in that course without permission of the Senate. Failure to Make Sufficient Academic progress in a Course of Study

6.2 (a) every student shall be required to maintain a minimum rate of progress in a study to be permitted to continue with his/her studies. A student who has failed to the extent described in the grading system shall not re-enroll for further studies in the University without the special permission of the Senate.

The Board of George Benson Christian University adopted admissions policy on 13th day of November, 2020.