International Students

The University provides several internationally recognized programs under the schools. Thus students are able to find programs that are related to their major or minor studies. Presentations of each department and list of courses can be found in the course catalogue for the University.

The medium of instruction and examination for all programs at the University is English Language. Students admitted to the University are expected to be proficient in English Language. You do not need to submit evidence of your English Language proficiency when you make your application. Nevertheless, if you have already achieved the required grade and qualification in English language, please attach your grade/qualification along with your other qualifications.

For Complete details on the language proficiency contact the Head of Department of Literature and Languages on email.

Visa and Requirement

Guiding principles in the issuance of permits and visas

    The department’s immigration’ policy is based on the following four (4) principles;

  • An immigrant to Zambia must have a contribution to make in form of skills, profession or capital
  • An immigrant should not deprive a Zambian of employment
  • An immigrant should not be a charge on the state.
  • An immigrant intending to settle in Zambia must be in possession of a permit.

VISA Requirements

Please make sure if you require a visa to enter the country. Should you need a visa, please apply for an entry visa at the Zambian Embassy/ High Commission in your country immediately.

Study Permit

This permit is offered to a foreign national who intends to study on full time basis at a Zambian educational institution. Study permit application requirements

  • Application form
  • Two recent passport size photos
  • Photocopy of current passport
  • Photocopy of current visa
  • Letter of acceptance from the Institution/School
  • Status of the host, parent, or guardian if any;
  • Proof of commitment from the sponsor (Certification of Scholarship)
  • Medical report from Namwianga Hospital
  • Covering letter from the Dean of Students to the Director- General of Immigration
  • Payment of a prescribed fee (Bank Manager Certified Cheque)