The department offer courses that are based on education such as Education Research, Curriculum Development, Educational Psychology, Sociology of Education, Theory and Practice of Education, Special Education, Guidance and counselling, History and Philosophy of Education, among others.

Education Foundation courses compromises a number of components and plays a very cardinal role of transforming the teacher trainees into teachers by providing them with a wide range of useful knowledge, skills and experiences that are aimed not only at changing their mind set to that of a teacher and also providing them with pedagogical knowledge, attitudes, skills and values that are key attributes of members of the teaching profession.

For a teacher to function effectively, he/she needs to know what happens in the classroom, in the school, in the education system, the pupils and the relationship between education and society. To this end, Educational Foundational courses give the teacher a deeper understanding of the functions of education, its structure, processes and interaction patterns within it and its relationship with the society.